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Last Sleeps: Yoga Nidra for End of Life

Hosted by Chelsea Rushton

Last Sleeps: Yoga Nidra for End of Life
Join Chelsea Rushton (RYT-500) for a guided meditation that prepares us for death through a practice of deep relaxation, cultivating self awareness, and accepting what is.

Savasana, which translates to mean corpse pose, is named such for good reason. After a physical yoga practice, the body-mind surrenders to relaxation and becomes quiet and receptive to the present moment.

In savasana, the body-mind dies--to the physical work of the practice, and to the days, months, years, that preceded it.

Awakening from savasana means waking up, renewed. Savasana is a death: a small one, a practice one, and we can practice it as often as we want to prepare for the big death we will all eventually face.

Savasana is where we practice Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep. The stages of this meditation--sensory and breath awareness, intention setting, rotating consciousness through the body, creative visualization, and holding opposites--put to sleep all the layers of a practitioner except their higher intelligence, which links worldly human experience to its source in the beyond.

Last Sleeps will begin with a 30-45 minute meditation, and will be followed by a discussion about Yoga Nidra’s potential applications in contemporary end of life contexts, and resources for learning and sharing this practice with others.

Please bring a mat and blanket to ensure coziness!

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