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A Dose of Togetherness
This event was part of A Dose of Togetherness

Monday's Dose of Togetherness: Connection with Reimagine's Teresa Yung

Hosted by Reimagine

In this special Dose of Togetherness, we're going to focus on the power of connection. Teresa Yung will lead a guided meditation on the theme and then we'll have longer breakout room sessions to give you more time to connect with your digital neighbors. All times Pacific.

Teresa Yung is a San Francisco based yoga instructor, wellness teacher, and community builder. Her everyday practices are based in presence, breath, and awareness. She is passionate about bringing emotional wellbeing to her communities and beyond. You can connect to her and her online community, Our Virtual Wellness Studio where facilitators from around the world offer virtual experiences from yoga, meditation, breathwork, cacao, workshops, dance, forest bathing, voice activation and more so that we may continue to be together, regardless of distance.