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Together on the 9th: A Virtual Vigil
This event was part of Together on the 9th: A Virtual Vigil

Together on April 9th: A Virtual Vigil

Hosted by Reimagine

Join us to honor the dead, those who are sick, and all of us on the planet. For this free virtual event on Zoom, please bring a candle and invite any friends or loved ones who would like to participate. During the vigil, we will hear reflections from some of the most thoughtful spiritual leaders in the country, including Rabbi Sydney Mintz and Reverend Corey Kennard, and we will take in the powerful work of Earth Artist Day Schildkret and music by Amber Field.

Tonight’s vigil will be co-created by all those joining with candles on Zoom. It will also feature earth art from Day Schildkret of Morning Altars, music by Amber Field, contributions from health-care advocate and author Katy Butler, and reflections from some of the world’s most inspiring spiritual leaders—Rabbi Sydney Mintz of Congregation Emanu-El in San Francisco and Reverend Corey Kennard, Pastor of Amplify Christian Church in Detroit.

If you can, please show up with a candle to honor those we've lost and those that are suffering during this difficult time. Our hope is for this invitation to become a monthly occurrence, helping spark other rituals and fostering a deeper sense of togetherness in the face of what is both separating and connecting us all.

Vigil Program

  • Morning Altar, Day Schildkret with music by Amber Field
  • Opening Bells, Katy Butler
  • Invocation, Pastor Corey Kennard
  • Welcome, Reimagine Founder Brad Wolfe
  • Reflection & Candle Lighting to Honor the Dead, Rabbi Sydney Mintz
  • Reflection & Blessing for the Ill, Pastor Corey Kennard
  • Concluding Prayer, All
  • Concluding Music, Amber Field & Bill Withers
  • Post Vigil, Togetherness Circles (Optional)
Ritual & Ceremony Visual Art