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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

100/100 The Itinerant Portraitist

100/100 The Itinerant Portraitist
In 2017, the iconic Hebrew Home in NY turned 100. That summer, portraitist Brenda Zlamany painted 100 residents from direct observation. 100 surprising, unique, and inspiring stories emerged.

Older adults in our society are often discarded, their stories unheard. This film is an intricate weave of the recollections, feelings and impressions that emerged during the act of portrait painting. As elders reflect on their pasts (a chance try-out for the Dodgers; the horrors of the Holocaust) the film asks: what is a complete and meaningful life? How do past experiences fuel happiness or regret in the present? What is important at the end of life? And what is the role of memory?

As we are sadly discovering, older adults, especially residents of nursing homes, are at a heightened risk of death by Covid-19. 100/100 puts a face to these vulnerable members of our society and reminds us of their humanity. The portrait subjects in 100/100 are empowered in an artistic process that affirms their dignity.

Directed by Laure Sullivan and Brenda Zlamany

Music by Aaron Kernis



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