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Communicating with the Dead - A healing Opportunity

Communicating with the Dead - A healing Opportunity

Monday, July 27

6:30pm-7:45pm PDT

This is a digital event. You should receive information in your ticket or from the host about how to join online.

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Healing Grief, Channeling Healing for the Living & the Dead

Join Intuitive Coach & Energy Healer Shara Ogin for a journey into the field of those who have passed over.

By healing those who have passed, we then heal ourselves, and it has a rippling effect to bring peacefulness into the collective consciousness.


The structure of the call will be as follows:

-We will begin with a Guided meditation, first to connect in with ourselves, and then to connect with those who have passed over.

-Shara will offer 1:1 channeling sessions where we can access and communicate with those who have passed over.

-We will end with a brief meditation and prayer for all those who have passed on to journey to the rightful place.


I do ask for a kind donation as this sort of work, as much as I love doing it, it does take energy. (Suggested donation $30-$40). I could also provide you a recording upon request.

Please have a tissue box by your side as I find people often feel very touched by such work.

I will stay on the call until everyone gets the healing they need. I'm happy to stay over the hour!


To see a video from the last time Shara taught this class please see: