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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
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COVID-19 Advance Care Planning: Who Will Speak for You?

COVID-19 Advance Care Planning: Who Will Speak for You?
If you became seriously ill with COVID-19 what are your treatment options? Do you want to be intubated and on a ventilator? Who will speak for you if you can’t speak for yourself? What about CPR?

Be Prepared – Take Control Now – Make Your COVID-19 Medical Plan

These are challenging times. Being prepared — both for ourselves and the people we care about is the key to effectively managing a COVID-19 infection. Remember it is always too soon, until it is too late. So, let’s get you prepared.

Make Your COVID-19 Medical Plan Today

When you attend this workshop, you will learn how to;

  1. Prepare Your Hospital Visit “Go Bag”
  2. Choose Who Will Speak for You If You Can’t Speak for Yourself
  3. Talk to Loved Ones About What Matters Most to You
  4. Consider and Decide Treatment Options Like, Non-Invasive Respiratory Care, Intubation with Ventilation, CPR and Comfort Care
  5. Prepare and Add a COVID-19 Addendum to Your Living Will

We will provide the resources and guidance you need to make a COVID-19 Medical Plan for you or your loved ones.

Advance Care Planning, End of Life and Grief Educator Garrick Colwell will facilitate this workshop.


Advance Care Planning Workshop

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