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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Creating a Legacy From Everyday Life

Hosted by claire willis

Creating a Legacy From Everyday Life
Words never matter more than they do at the end of life. Creating lasting words through an ethical will is a gift to those we love and a way for us to feel we have closed our life with meaning.

All of us have a need to be remembered, to feel known, to feel that we belonged, that our lives have made a difference and to express our values and love to family and friends. Likely, we have prepared legal wills to distribute our belongings after we die. But what about leaving a spiritual/ethical will, a record of who we are, a document that can be offered to loved ones either while we are still alive or after we are gone.

Words never matter more than they do as we age. Expressions of joy, gratitude sorrow and regret, the desire to connect with loved ones, ways of finding comfort for ourselves and strength for others are all vital. But perhaps most pressing is our deep need for making meaning from our lives.

Join us and explore some creative ways that you can begin creating a legacy for children, grandchildren, friends and colleagues. The first part of our workshop will be didactic and discussion. The second half will be a writing workshop so that you can begin the process of writing an ethical will. You will leave with an abundance of ideas and resources for starting this process. Handouts will be available for those who wish to continue the work.

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