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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Creating Balance Through Dance and Ritual

Creating Balance Through Dance and Ritual
We invite you to catalyze what you may be holding through dance and ritual. Be with and honor your emotions, changes, and intentions to create balance during this transformative time.
*Please bring for the ritual: a candle, water to drink & paper/pen*

We will open the circle with a spiritual cleansing through a virtual sage smudge, conduct a Four Directions ritual where we will connect with the medicine (teachings and energy) from the East, South, West and North, and invoke our personal sacred resources of the Divine into the circle, lead by Yvonne. We will connect with Earth, Air, Fire and Water to create a sacred space. A Maya (Indigenous) meditation will ground us and prepare us for connecting with our emotions and dance. The Maya Cosmology will be introduced as a metaphor to connect our life experiences, emotions and dance to create balance. After the ritual, Cida will invite you to take a moment to breath with awareness, to step with intention, to open your heart and to let your body be moved from within. We will dance away, but together, strengthen ourselves and our collective power by dancing our hearts out! Dancing experience is not necessary!

About Cida Vieira:

Cida Vieira offers a safe space where her Brazilian Soul ignites freedom. Born at the heart of the dance circles of Brazil, Cida has choreographed and performed in the US and abroad with musicians including Xuxa, Ray Charles, Daniela Mercury, and Airto Moreira. In addition, Cida teaches conscious dance workshops, supports women through individual therapeutic sessions, and has lead the development of women groups internationally through WWWE (Worldwide Women's Wisdom Exchange.)

About Yvonne Brock, Spiritual Counselor, MATP/CSG:

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With her MA,Transpersonal Psychology, and Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Guidance, Yvonne offers a practice that focuses on Women in their 40’s and 50’s, who are seeking balance in their life and a deeper connection with the Divine through Spiritual and Consciousness reflection. Through the use of varied modalities such as ritual, meditation, breathwork, art, writing and creative expression balance may be achieved. She is a Member of Spiritual Directors International, a Labyrinth Facilitator, a Reiki I Practitioner, Professional Visual Artist, and is in the progress of earning her Art Therapy Certificate.


Movement & Dance Ritual & Ceremony Workshop
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