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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Death as a Teacher: A Workshop

Hosted by Jessica Murby

Death as a Teacher: A Workshop
What if this often avoided subject of death is the very thing we need to explore in order take action on what matters most to us in life?

This is a guided journey in using action-based practices for thriving in life that are otherwise quite easily diverted for a lifetime.

It may sound extreme to need to remind ourselves of death in order to take action on what really matters to us in life. However, when acknowledging death’s inevitable truth, it in a way makes perfect sense that a reminder of it is the “extreme” we need to act despite the level of resistance that can be present.

We will explore ideas like… What really matters most to us when considering death? How might we use death as a teacher? What if life wasn't finite? How do we keep the awareness of death with us as a tool for positive change?

I published my book, Alive for Now in 2017, and quickly realized that there can be incredible resistance to completing the practices despite how much one values them. I feel that in order to really dive into this work, what we need is one another. This is the fifth workshop I am offering through Reimagine, and I am honored to say that this building of community has occurred in the midst of this pandemic through this platform.

The topics that we’ll explore include the chapters of ‘Alive for Now’ which you may preview here:

Jessica Murby is an author, occupational therapist, hospice volunteer, yogi, etc. that has a rare freakish adrenaline tumor condition- the experience of which has led to much of this work :).


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