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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

From The Ground Up Gathering: Grief Rituals & Fundamentals

From The Ground Up Gathering: Grief Rituals & Fundamentals
This is an invitation to mourn “on purpose”. Come for love unleashed and bold conversations. Stay to grow, share, and heal through the arts. Discover your journey in a safe space.

This workshop is a 3 part conversation. By registering you are committing to attend all three. It is important to create a safe space for everyone and the best way to do that is to keep continuity.

Bold Conversation #1: May 9th

The Journey From Our Head to Our Heart: In this session we will gently engage questions around grief, where it resides in our bodies and the ways that it is impacting us mentally, physically and spiritually.

Bold Conversation #2: May 16th

The Polarity Of Grief: During session number 2, we examine the masculine and feminine sides of healing and what styles work best with our nature.

Bold Conversation #3: May 23rd

Winning The Game of Grief: Our last session gives you a pathway to transforming your experience from surviving grief to thriving with grief. You will walk away with a firm grasp of how to impact your personal mourning process.

Each Session will end with a request to find a meaningful outlet and use art as part of this journey’s inquiry. Art is anything expressive including and not limited to visual art like drawing, painting, sculpture or quilting, a music experience such as participating in a drum circle, body movement like dance or yoga, and various alternative outlets like cooking, gardening, building or any activity that you find expresses emotion for you. You will be asked to engage in this art activity during the course of the 6 days between sessions.

From The Ground Up is hosting several art events featured during the Reimagine: Life, Loss & Love Festival. Feel free to participate in any that may pique your interest to fulfill the art inquiry of this workshop or create your own. They are:

  • Chat & Chew @ the Checkered Cloth (Recipe Share) May 15
  • The Hyphen: Moving Forward By Reinterpreting The Past (Book Making) May 8
  • Scraps Of Happiness: Making A Memorial Quilt (Quilting - Beginner Level) May 20
  • Healing Your Grieving Heart Through Yoga (Movement) TBD
  • Drumming With Lisa (A Music Experience) TBD

Once registration is complete, you will receive an email that guides you through the preparation exercises for our time together. Then, show up and let's make a difference for each other during this time of opportunity.

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