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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Is Advance Care Planning on your To-Do List?!

Hosted by Be Present Care

Is Advance Care Planning on your To-Do List?!
Where are you with your own Advance Care Plan (ACP)? A. What is an ACP? B. Not sure where to start. C.Have had conversations. D.Have one, but needs to be updated. E. Dog ate it. Let's Talk/Zoom...

Ok-I know we (yes, I am including me and you-the Reimagine participant) are all well aware of the gift, importance and value of Advance Care Planning (conversations and directives) from our own personal and/or professional experiences.

With that said, I know deathcare and healthcare professionals that are embarrassed, stuck and uncomfortable in starting and/or completing their own advance care plan.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, do not have not the energy and time in moving forward and feel a compassionate and accountable ACP partner will help support your process-Let’s Zoom Talk!!!!

In July and August, I will be offering complimentary 1:1 30 minute discovery calls to explore and identify realistic goals (ie-identifying decision makers, reviewing EOL goals, options and wishes), in an effort to move your “Advance Care Planning from your To-Do List”. Let's Talk-Book a time

Each 1:1 conversation will be 30 minutes and begin at either 12, 12:30, 1, or 1:30 pm (PST) You can also contact me directly at

Stefanie Elkins, Be Present Care is all about “meeting people where they are at” on their health/self-care journey by providing accountable and compassionate support on advance care and caregiving conversations and planning. Through guidance, resources and a welcomed kick in the tuches (yiddish for rear end), my personalized services will be a gift.


Advance Care Planning

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