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Moonset Gathering

Hosted by Will Rogers

Moonset Gathering
Let's watch the moonset together

The moon rises and sets every day, more subtle than sunrise and sunset. As it sets across the globe, we have a chance to slow down and watch it together. Moonsets have been happening since before the dawn of humanity, and they will continue until long after we are all gone, and each is a holy moment to witness.

While this gathering does not necessitate technology – just knowing that we are watching it together can help us feel connected across the globe – viewers are also encouraged to call friends and encourage them to look at the moon, from wherever they are.

We'll also have a conference call line for group conversations that day. One global moonset lasts a little less than 25 hours, so someone in Singapore could witness the moonset while people in California are just waking up. Everyone is welcome in the call, all day.

Note: because this night's moon is a tiny crescent, only the people who share a timezone will be able to see it simultaneously; It will be in the west, just after sunset.

Ritual & Ceremony