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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

The Last Landscape the souls departure

Hosted by thirdmessenger

The Last Landscape the souls departure
Last Landscape / Death Literacy Session an 18 min video / allegorical imaginal journey of death, a true end of life experience of a monk passing into the Bardo planes with discussion.

The Last Landscape Death Literacy session is both a discussion on the inner meaning of the dissolution of the body and through imagination, a poetics of language that notices the properties of the elements at the time of our bodies disposition , burial or cremation. A poetics of language to see deeper the rich textures, many layers, nuances without end -– all of which enrich the texture of an image or story.

For all of us, there is one element, be it fire, air, earth, or water, with which we most intimately resonate and in which we find greatest exaltation. For each of us there is a favored substance, a major element which runs our “poetic chemistry.”

A conversation, a deep awakening into how imagination obeys the law of the four elements and each element is “imbued with its own particular dynamism” that acts as food for the psyche, as a “good conductor” of life energy acts as a catalyst for our end of life choices regarding burial rituals and end of life ceremonies.

Our Thirdmessenger team, Aditi Sethi-Brown a Hospice doctor and Sacred Passage Doula , Meredith Springs a Funeral Director with a background in body work as well as Saïd Osio an end of life Sacred Passage Doula, hospice volunteer and creative on Last Landscape and curator of thirdmessenger will facilitate the session.

Aditi and Meredith assists families in end of life choices and selection of kinds of arrangements families make. These sacred encounters for families can become in themselves a healing journey when our bodies can be experienced as deep primal currents that influence how we have lived and how we can plan for a holy ritual at death.

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