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Creating Space
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Building Your Digital Home: Tools & Platforms to Get Started

Hosted by Reimagine

Building Your Digital Home: Tools & Platforms to Get Started
Do you offer end of life services (death doula, grief therapist, etc) & have trouble knowing how to market yourself? Learn how to set up foundational marketing tools to grow your community of clients.

This workshop is designed for Reimagine Collaborators who are hosting events in the festival but it is open to everyone!

Many end of life support service practitioners have one thing in common: they are passionate about their work, but not passionate about the business and marketing details necessary for running and growing a business. If you find yourself in this group, but want to do everything you can to increase awareness of and access to your services, this webinar is for you.

This session will provide you with a brief overview of marketing tools and platforms you can use to grow your business, including:

- Basic website builders

- Social media marketing tools

- Email marketing options

- Basic collateral design options

- Online groups and networking

If you're a beginner, you will walk away knowing your next best step. (You can leave the rest for another day.) If you're more experienced or established in your business, you will discover approachable options to tackle the next step in your strategic growth.

About Near

Near is an online community that connects individuals and families with end of life support services. Near was founded by Jane Butler and Christy Knutson, co-founders of Well Refined. After working alongside End Well for the past three years and learning more about the challenges end of life service providers are facing, Jane and Christy started conversations and research that clearly pointed toward the need for Near.

About the Presenter

Christy’s work within end of life care first began in 2006 where she managed programs and communications for an organization serving cancer patients, many through end of life. She has spent her career in marketing and communications helping bring meaningful ideas to life. This work is deeply personal for Christy, who as a teenager was a primary caregiver for her grandmother living with Alzheimer’s and later, at the age of 22, lost her person to cancer.


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