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Creating Space
This event was part of Creating Space

Community Cry

Hosted by Kris Bifulco

Community Cry
Feeling all the feelings? Join the Community Cry session to co-create a space to cry and feel deeply with others, no matter what brings you tears. Write, cry, and share in this 30 minute session.

"I wonder what it would be like if we did not wipe our tears away..." - a wise friend

If you've felt like you're leaking this year, you're not alone. There are some days when tears come and go, days where tears come and stay, and days when you just can't cry anymore. From the pandemic to the racial justice uprising to the U.S. election and to our personal lives, we are going through The Most, and we need each other to process it all with.

A Community Cry is just that-- a space to cry together with support and mutuality and no judgments. We will create this space together to feel deeply and to let the tears fall if and when they come.

We will explore what moves us to tears through reflective writing and talking story. You are invited to participate in whatever way makes the most sense to you (camera on or off, microphone or chat, as a witness). It may also be helpful to bring something that evokes emotion for you: a photograph, an object, a letter, a poem, artwork, music, or a memory.

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