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Grounding with Music, Sound & Song: Election Day Self Care

Grounding with Music, Sound & Song:  Election Day Self Care
Anxious about the election results? Feeling an urge to be glued to TV or social media yet know taking a break would be good? Join us for some grounding sound, song & music.

Restoration is Fertile!! AND during this day, essential! ALL are welcome!

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The following space holders await you joining our gathering:

  • Domonick Wegesin will be offering a yoga-based pranayama practice for grounding.
  • Monica Chew will be serenading you on her piano.
  • Moana (see bio below) will be offering you some sacred sound healing and song.
  • Dhiraj and Kramer will share a few songs about interconnedeness
  • Ken Breniman will provide a guided relaxation accompanied with a singing bowl sound bath.

Come for as much of this event as you can. The facilitators will take turn offering their gifts of grounding guidance and sweet ear honey as a way to hold space for everyone's worries as well as everyone's hopes during Election Day. Contents may evolve over the next couple weeks so please check out this description as things unfold.

Whether you can just step in for a short time or stay the whole time, promise you will turn off any other devices and news for this time that you take to care for yourself. Promise?!

Over the years as a advocate for justice, equality and freedom, the best wisdom I have heard was from the Pirke Aboth, or “The Ethics of the Fathers”: “You are not required to finish your work, yet neither are you permitted to desist from it.”

We all need time to rest in the midst of all that is going on in the world. You voted and you worked really hard to help improve upon the world and now what? Anxious about the election results? Feeling an urge to be glued to TV or social media yet know taking a break would be good for you? I am here for you on Nov 3 to serenade you with the hope you can find some relaxation even on a day where many will be waiting on pins and needles for the outcome of the US national election.

Check out Ken Breniman's YouTube channel for some pre-recorded sound bath sessions, too.

Check out this research article on the health benefits of singing bowls :

Domonick Wegesin

Domonick's bio can be found at

Monica Chew

Monica Chew ( is an Oakland pianist. In 2017 she released her first solo album, Tender and Strange, featuring works by Bartók, Janáček, Messiaen, Takemitsu, and Scriabin. A “gifted player with an affinity for deeply sensitive expression” (Whole Note), she has been featured on KPFA and radio stations across the United States. She started composing in 2017 and couldn’t be happier about it. Prior to 2015, she worked nearly a decade as a principal software engineer on security and privacy at Mozilla and Google. She lives in Oakland with her husband, an 1899 Steinway B, a clavichord, and a disused violin.


Agnes is sending vocal message through the sound of whispering heart and other high vibrational instruments like singing bowls drums and gong. Different journey is inspired each time depending on what is being used and what is going on. The words that are being sang are not in any particular language. They are the words of the softness of whispering heart. The words of the heart tiny little whispers soothing lullabies. Moana lives in Chicago where she is offers healing massage therapy accompanied with her sacred gift of sound and song.

Kramer Dahl

Kramer Dahl believes himself to be a student of silence and a servant of sound. A Board-Certified Music Therapist, he lives in San Francisco and travels around the Bay. He is a vocalist and musician who plays a variety of instruments including upright bass, harp, piano, and guitar. He believes in the healing properties of music and sound vibrations, experiencing the effects with clients in a therapeutic setting.

Dhiraj Korwani

Dhiraj is a believer in expression, energy and manifestation. He sees the power of the arts as a combination of the three. He chooses joy by bringing people together over dialogue, dance and singing among other art forms as a means of fostering oneness. He's an aspiring songwriter and wishes to spread positive messaging through lyrics carried in uplifting melodies. Blog - Portfolio - LinkedIn

About Ken Breniman

More about Ken can be found at

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