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Creating Space
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Make Space To Go From Grieving to Grounding

Make Space To Go From Grieving to Grounding
Create space in the soil, sand, and stones for grounding your grief. Nature is the perfect healer. To ground our grief we will call on the earth element for restorative medicine.

We can create space to see ourselves as the artists of our lives - fully equipped to create the masterpiece of our soul.

We begin by freeing ourselves from our suffering. Our personal and collective commitment to healing is the key. From Grieving to Grounding honors those and what we have lost, releases what we can give to the earth for composting, reminds us of how it feels to be held by earth as our nurturing ancestor, and reveals every day methods of rooting ourselves in the fertile soil of love.

This event provides connection and expression. Prepare to give your grief another place to live - bring something to draw, write with or prepare to move, sing, cry, scream.

During this event, we will:

  1. Honor our individual and collective loss.
  2. Give fear, anxiety, anger, and sorrow to the earth as compost.
  3. Remember how earth, a loving ancestor, is willing to listen and comfort.
  4. Review how to refresh our spirits with earth whenever we need to.


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