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Rose River Memorial: Gather Online to Make Roses

Rose River Memorial: Gather Online to Make Roses

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If you need to grieve the devastation of COVID-19, this interactive workshop is for you. Help build a nationwide handcrafted memorial, finding comfort through a mindful collective artistic practice.

The Rose River Memorial is a massive artwork conceptualized by acclaimed installation artist Marcos Lutyens to collectively grieve as a nation those lost in the U.S. to Covid-19. More than 200,000 handcrafted everlasting roses will be placed in undulating rows outdoors to represent each life taken. This artwork will represent the enormity of the loss from the COVID-19 crisis.

We're inviting you to create roses and be part of this compelling art installation.​

Join members of the Rose River team to learn about the project and make some roses.​

This workshop is best enjoyed with a few simple craft supplies, but without them you can still make a practice rose with a spare sheet of paper, or an old pair of jeans! There's more about making, including a supplies list at

For more information about the installation:


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