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Creating Space
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Self-empathy:a resource for these times, in words & movement

Hosted by Sasha Soreff

Self-empathy:a resource for these times, in words & movement
In this season of change, and the potential increase in BIPOC-targeting it brings, embodied self-empathy is a powerful tool for getting centered, reducing anxiety, and caring for ourselves and others.

In these times - pandemic numbers rising, the holiday season, a US transition of power, and the resulting potential increase in BIPOC-targeting – how do we build our internal capacity to stay present? By turning inward, first. As we connect with our own feelings and needs, we get more centered, and less anxious. This in turn enhances our ability to show up for others and for circumstances in alignment with our values. Empathy tools, rooted in the principles of Non-Violent Communication, will be offered to support self-connection. Choreographer and Transformational Facilitator Sasha Soreff offers a gentle warm up, followed by discussion and movement exploration. All movement invitations are non obligatory. Everything can be done seated, and can be enacted in any way that feels good to the participant.


Movement & Dance Ritual & Ceremony Workshop
Spirituality Grief