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Show & Tale: HIV & AIDS

Hosted by Show & Tales

Show & Tale: HIV & AIDS
What photo or object do you keep that holds the memory of a friend, lover or family member who died from HIV & AIDS? Show & Tale or Look & Listen.

Join me in honor of World AIDS Day, a date that originated in 1988 and has been a powerful reminder of HIV and AIDS ever since. We invite attendees to bring an object of importance to them as it relates to their past or present experience with HIV and AIDS.

Not everyone has lost a loved one to this disease but almost everyone’s lives have been touched by it in one way or another.

Do you have photos of the March on Washington or pieces of the AIDS Quilt? ACT-UP fliers, magazine or newspaper clippings? Meeting notes, poems & other pieces of your/their archive? World AIDS Day not only enables us to memorialize those who have died, but to raise awareness and show support for those living HIV+ lives.

Show & Tale is like Antiques Roadshow meets The Moth, or your favorite Pinterest board come to life!

Everyone is welcome to share the story of the things your brought. No judges, no prizes, no competition. And no need to practice! Just come and Show your object and share its Tale.

Just want to come and listen? Awesome! Observers are always welcome.

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