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Upcycled Memorial Ornaments

Hosted by Project Grief

Upcycled Memorial Ornaments
As the holidays approach, take intentional time to remember your lost loved one. Make a beautiful ornament that contains hand-written memories. Beginners welcome.

The trouble is that the holidays are here, but they’re not. It can be tempting to either push thoughts of a lost loved one away, OR sink into the depths of despair. That’s why doing something productive - making something with your hands! - can be so helpful. This ornament is made out of a toilet paper roll. Before we make the snowflake, you’ll have time to reflect and write a memory or a letter to your lost loved one.

Supplies needed:

1 toilet paper roll


hot glue gun

pens or markers (your choice)

When you're finished, hang this treasured ornament on your tree, in a wreath, or anywhere else you, your family, and guests will see it. Hanging it in a prominent place demonstrates to those who see it that you your loved one to be remembered, to be a part of your special holiday activities.


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