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WHEE...!#%*@? A Play in One Act-Conversations of a Lifetime

WHEE...!#%*@? A Play in One Act-Conversations of a Lifetime
WHEE...!#$%*@? is a roller coaster rendition of a shared lifetime. Exploring the dynamics that challenge each of us, it serves as a reminder to have the meaningful conversations sooner vs. never!

WHEE...!#$%*?@ is the life's work of the writers/actors, Fell Cadwallader & Blair Jennings. Both born into an economy devoid of culture they had to figure it out themselves!

The result is a thought-provoking one-act play. Presented in readers theater format. Runtime is 50 minutes.

Each show includes a post-presentation conversation prompted by topics from the play; this dialogue offers space for the audience to voice their musings. Leveraging the emotional openings presented throughout the play, the post-performance "talk back" discussions often provide the embers of courage and perspective participants carry back to their families and loved ones for investigation and discernment.

In the end, WHEE...!#$%*?@ is a vehicle for reflection & imagination about the timeless dynamics that shape our lives.

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