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A Deep Bow Journey: Healing Trauma in Ourselves and Others

A Deep Bow Journey: Healing Trauma in Ourselves and Others
We will gather to reimagine how recognizing and accepting the past behaviors of our ancestors can bring inner peace for ourselves and lead to world peace.

This 90 minute session will include viewing together a 30 minute video about healing past trauma, followed by panel discussion and exploration of body movement. We will explore how to reconcile our grief and anger over loss of lives through violence. We ask how do we learn from past behaviors of our ancestors to bring peace into our lives?

The video captures the impact of making a public apology to the citizens of Nanjing, China by Japanese citizens for the massacre of 1937. Participating in this life changing event were HF Ito and Masashi Minagawa, two top instructors of a body movement called Shintaido.

Our panel discussion will explore more about how deep personal changes evolved to address trauma, grief and loss. We will conclude with a short body practice easily accessible for the audience to join in with us.


Movement & Dance Film Talk, Panel, & Conversation
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