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Future Fears: A Somatic Exploration of Pre-Traumatic Stress

Janna Diamond, eco-somatic practitioner with a focus on climate change, will guide us in pathways to transform anticipatory anxiety and stress into opportunities for creative practice and presence.

In this 75-minute experiential workshop, we will explore ways that fears for our personal and collective future, whether environmental, political, economic, or cultural, can build up in our bodies as pressure – often reflected in the day-to-day as overwhelm, despair, irritability, and numbness.

Cultivating somatic, or body-based, awareness offers us access to our innate wisdom for adaptation and survival. It also opens the door for grounding in the present moment, locating places of safety and resilience, and attuning to a vision that we long to move toward, not away from.

Participants will be offered options to modify practices according to accessibility needs. 20% of all proceeds from the workshop will be redistributed to climate justice funds.

Janna Diamond (she/her), is a somatic practitioner working at the intersection of trauma healing, consciousness, and the climate crisis. Her body of work focuses on supporting people to cultivate inner resources for collective evolution. Janna has a private therapeutic practice and leads groups internationally. For more information, visit


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