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A Grief Gathering: Sharing Memories, Photos, and Stories

A Grief Gathering: Sharing Memories, Photos, and Stories
We come together each month to share our grief and loss. Through compassionate presence and open discussion, our grief gathering is a safe and inclusive space to celebrate the lives of our loved ones.

Welcome to A Grief Gathering: Sharing Memories, Photos, and Stories, a monthly small group experience where we navigate grief through telling our stories, sharing photos of our loved ones, while being in supportive and empathetic company with others who are grieving.

The group size and participants vary each month, but the constant is how we hold space for each unique story and are present for all emotions. Participants are invited to send in a photo of their special person, which will be displayed in a collage during our time together. We acknowledge the universality of grief and the simultaneous uniqueness of each participant’s loss and you are invited to engage in a way that resonates with you. 

As End-of-life Doulas, Lori and Meghan are passionate about supporting individuals through end-of-life and grief experiences, holding a safe space for rest and companionship, and creating a welcoming environment to speak and listen from the heart. 

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