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Altar-ed: Inviting Old Stories into Sacred Space

Hosted by art + soul

Altar-ed: Inviting Old Stories into Sacred Space
Temene: sacred spaces where our deepest stories are held in breath, remembrance, release, restory-ation. Step into a process of story-transformation ​from simple objects with artist Susannah Crolius.

These are ancient rhythms and practices of the spirit: listening, remembering, lamenting, setting intention, giving thanks, releasing, restoring, recommitting, celebration. Altar artist and spiritual companion Susannah Crolius invites you on a sojourn of visual story-telling, soul reflection and seeds of creative practice through the process of creating altars from simple objects. We'll begin with show and tell of some of Susannah's altars, where she will share the spiritual and technical apects of her creative process. We will then move into shared reflection on the idea and necessity of "sacred" space. Finally, we will experiment with our own process of transfiguring an old story into a new one through found objects. This event is for those who are personally curious about healing practices or is useful for those who work with clients who are in some form of discernment, transition, grief process, honoring or celebration. You do not need to be "artistic," "creative," or "spiritual" to find this workshop meaningful.


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