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Asians In America: Grief Support During Lunar New Year

Hosted by MESO

Asians In America: Grief Support During Lunar New Year
Due to recent tragic events, the Asian community is now challenged with loss and grief during a time when we are usually celebrating hope and prosperity of the Lunar New Year. Join MESO for support.

UPDATED 1/23/22:

Deep sorrow does not begin to describe what we are feeling and holding in light of the tragic events in Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay, here in California. The chaos on our minds and on our hearts is heavy. Let's create a space where we grieve together, bringing our individual grief into community as we seek to make sense of what has occurred, of emotions arising, and how to be with it all. Please join us.


During Lunar New Year, families gather to celebrate hope and prosperity. For Asians in America, it can be challenging to reckon with losses and ensuing grief connected to family, roots, and/or culture alongside more diasporic experiences.

Join us and find support and community navigating major and minor feelings related to loss and grief, the dynamics of immigrant families, cultural bereavement, and the pressure of the holidays to name a few...

Tida Beattie and Soyeon Davis are trained end-of-life doulas, grief mentors, and guides of peer grief support spaces.

Tida and Soyeon are daughters of Thai and Korean immigrants, respectively. They have co-founded MESO because of their personal experiences witnessing critical gaps in the health, death, and grief care systems throughout their parents' lives. Their work is focused on providing culturally attuned resources and support to immigrant families, their caregivers, and their grievers addressing care, loss, death and grief.


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