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Comfort & Hope for the Journey of Grief - All Eight Sessions

Hosted by Faith & Grief

Comfort & Hope for the Journey of Grief - All Eight Sessions
Grief is sacred and is an extension of love. In this eight-session workshop, explore sacred stories related to grief, connect with others, and learn spiritual practices designed to promote comfort.

The Faith & Grief Workshop is led by grief support experts who have experienced grief themselves and really “get grief.”

This is the first session, Healing Power of Story. Through this eight-session workshop, participants explore sacred stories related to grief and join small group discussions where they can share their grief journey.

We encourage you to attend all eight sessions of the workshop to build connection and support as you grieve. The workshop meets each week from Wednesday, May 19th until July 7th, 2021.

In addition to exploring sacred stories, we introduce spiritual practices, which have long been a way to connect with the sacred. These practices are designed to promote comfort as you grieve. The last session of the workshop closes with a remembrance service, offering observance of ritual for the participants.

Workshop Sessions

May 19 - Session One – The Healing Power of Story

We explore ways to begin telling your grief story and the spiritual practice of breath meditation.

May 26 - Session Two – How Grief Affects Us

We focus on how our feelings in grief affect us, the patterns of grief we experience and explore the spiritual practice of journaling.

June 2 - Session Three – Acknowledging the Feelings

We learn to acknowledge the feelings present in grief and explore the spiritual practice of the labyrinth.

June 9 - Session Four – Continuing the Bond

You have the opportunity to share the stories of your loved one with the group. We explore the use of memory in our grief.

June 16 - Session Five – Compassion in Grief

We discuss the relationship between compassion and grief, specifically self-compassion. We explore the spiritual practice of the Prayer of Examen.

June 23 - Session Six – Gift of Lament

We discuss the definition of lament and how to incorporate lament in your journey. We invite participants to create a lament as a spiritual practice in navigating their grief.

June 30 - Session Seven – Your New World

We focus our discussion on your resilience and finding new meaning in life. We examine integrating activities that promote comfort in our grief journey and the healing prayer of the mandala.

July 7 - Session Eight - Light in the Divine

This is an interactive commencement service of remembrance and celebration. We mark the end of our time together and celebrate the lives of our loved ones we are grieving.

Ritual & Ceremony Workshop Writing & Literature Celebration & Remembrance Meditation


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