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COVID Grief Gathering

Hosted by Reimagine

COVID Grief Gathering
For all those grieving COVID loss--both young adults and people of all ages--join us on the second Tuesday of the month to receive and offer peer-led support.

Every second Tuesday of the month, Covid Grief Network (CGN) and the broader Reimagine community hold space for those mourning COVID-related losses. Volunteers will facilitate these peer-led gatherings using art and prompts to spark conversation and reflection. These gatherings are designed for all those who have experienced COVID loss, both young adults and people of all ages.

Over the last two years, COVID Grief Network (CGN) has offered one-to-one and group-based support to young adults in their 20s and 30s who lost a loved one to COVID.

CGN has a new home under Reimagine, a community-driven nonprofit dedicated to transforming the world by facing loss, death, and adversity together. To read the full announcement about the transition, please click here.


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