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Cultural Bereavement: Home

Hosted by MESO
Cultural Bereavement: Home

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Explore the loss of home and its impact as a part of cultural bereavement, grief that arises as part of (im)migrant, refugee, and asylee losses due to migration and assimilation, with MESO.

Join us in our sixth conversation to dive below the surface of what cultural bereavement is, how it develops, what it can look like. In this event, we'll address the loss of home and its impact as an aspect of cultural bereavement. This grief is a complex component of (im)migrant and refugee experiences, contributing to varied and complex individual and communal outcomes. Previous themes centered loss of: language, womanhood, food, and history.

MESO is headed up by Tida Beattie and Soyeon Davis, both trained end-of-life doulas and grief mentors and guides. Tida's family immigrated to the US from Thailand. Soyeon and her family immigrated from South Korea.

Both have been long-distance caregivers to their immigrant parents. Attempts to collect culturally inclusive information, education and resources to support their immigrant families addressing issues of care, aging, death and grief have been scarce to none. What they primarily found reflected one lens and perspective and provided no room for cultural safety, representation, nor relevance.

As a result, Tida and Soyeon founded MESO to provide culturally attuned resources to immigrant families, their caregivers, and their grievers in order to fill a critical need for information and to create open, non-judgmental spaces of support to shore up grounding foundations, build inner capacity and resilience.


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