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Curating a Grief Gallery

Hosted by The Grief Gallery, In honor of Marilyn Lam
Curating a Grief Gallery

This is a digital event. You should receive information in your ticket or from the host about how to join online.

$19 - $39
Creating an exhibition about your loved one is a creative, powerful way of telling their stories. Learn how with curator and grief coach Charlene Lam of The Grief Gallery.

Join us for an online workshop where we explore the art of curating a grief gallery. And no, you don't have to be an artist or consider yourself creative!

Grief coach, curator and founder of The Grief Gallery Charlene Lam will share why it can be so meaningful, powerful and healing to curate an exhibition about your loved one, no matter whether your exhibition and gallery is physical, virtual or imaginary.

We'll start off with a virtual tour of The Grief Gallery, which presents pop-up exhibitions in-person and online about grief and loss, featuring the belongings of loved ones lost. Then we’ll consider: What would you include in your grief gallery?

Charlene will guide you through getting started with creative prompts, inspiration and troubleshooting what may come up for you. You're invited to join us whether you're ready to put on your curator hat or just curious!

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This event is in honor of Marilyn Lam

For my mom, who loved the holidays and always welcomed us home.