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Death over Drafts-Burbank, Los Angeles

Hosted by Be Present Care

Death over Drafts-Burbank, Los Angeles
Welcome to Death over Drafts! This is a community gathering to spark curiosity & connection around death & dying. Most of all, we want to have fun and de-stigmatize talking about the inevitable.


Please join your local Death over Drafts Crafter's aka Hosts, Lisa Pahl, The Death Deck ,Dr. Anna Arabyan, Generation Hospice Care, Kat Primeau, Good Grief and Stefanie Elkins, Be Present Care on Thursday, February 22, from 5:30-7:30 pm pm at Brews Brothers-Burbank, 300 West. Olive Ave.

Our time together will start of with some mingling, learning and having fun (yes, fun along with insight) playing The Death Death/EOL Deck if you are so inclined!

We are really excited to engage more colleagues who work in eldercare, welcome those who serve in the death and dying space, and the death curious!

A Death over Drafts gathering will include 45 minutes of mingling, 45 minutes of playing The Death Deck (strongly encouraged) followed by 30 minutes of reflection and more connection.


  • Event is free
  • All our welcome
  • You can still come if you don't love beer ;)
  • This is a super supportive community yet we are not a support group
  • In this communal environment, we remind you to be responsible for your own engagement.
  • There is plenty of parking

Every Death over Drafts gathering has a different vibe based on who is co-crafting, aka hosting. While these gatherings provide an opportunity for those who serve in the end-of-life field to gather and reflect personally and professionally when you join us at a Death over Drafts gathering one thing is constant: all are welcome.

Bring Death over Drafts to your community.

If you are interested in becoming a Death over Drafts Crafter ask Host in your community and being a part of a network of like-minded individuals who like to welcome conversations on end-of-life. Click Here if you are interested!!

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