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Death over Drafts Happy Hour

Hosted by Be Present Care
Death over Drafts Happy Hour
Cheers! Join this interactive & informal community to spark compassion, curiosity, & connection. Special guests & prompts are utilized to inspire conversation around topics of end-of-life & grief.

Death over Drafts Happy Hour is opportunity for those who serve in the end of life space and the curious to gather. It started with Stefanie Elkins, Eldercare Specialist/End-of-Life Doula with Be Present Care along with Jill Schock, Death Doula LA, welcomed others who shared their passions-beer tasting & engaging conversations on death & dying. Monthly Happy Hours continued at different greater Los Angeles breweries until COVID-19 where it then switched to Zoom*

Stefanie continues to facilitate on-line and in-person happy hours that sometime included a special guest as well as "a little" participant engagement to spark community.

4:45 pm: “Pre-Party” begins! Get to know Stefanie with some ligh chit/chat and some of the other Happy Hour regulars

5 pm: Official “Cheers” & start of Happy Hour!


  • Drinking beer is not required. Any beverage is welcome!
  • Embrace JEDI principles.
  • Participation is up to you.
  • Zoom is recorded.

To check previous gatherings go to: DOD HH-2020 and Dive into Death YouTube Station

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