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Death over Drafts Happy Hour

Hosted by Be Present Care, In honor of Grief in all its forms.

Death over Drafts Happy Hour
Cheers! Join this interactive & informal community to spark compassion, curiosity, & connection around topics of end-of-life and grief. Special Guest: Emma Payne, Grief Coach Founder & CEO.

Death over Drafts Happy Hour is an opportunity for those who serve in the end of life space and the curious to gather. It started in October 2019 with Stefanie Elkins, Eldercare Specialist/End-of-Life Doula with Be Present Care along with Jill Schock, Death Doula LA, welcomed others who shared their passions-beer tasting & engaging conversations on death & dying. Monthly Happy Hours continued at different greater Los Angeles breweries until COVID-19 where it then switched to Zoom*

Stefanie continues to facilitate on-line and in-person happy hours that includes a variety of special guest, themes as well as participant engagement to spark community.

Special Guest: Emma Payne, Grief Coach CEO and Founder

Theme: Move over Resolutions let's talk Grief!

4:45 pm: “Pre-Party” begins! Get to know Stefanie with some light chit/chat and some of the other Happy Hour regulars.

5 pm: Official “Cheers” & start of Happy Hour!


  • Drinking beer is not required. Any beverage is welcome!
  • Embrace JEDI principles.
  • Participation is up to you.
  • Zoom is recorded.

To check previous gatherings go to: DOD HH-2020 and Dive into Death YouTube Station

Talk, Panel, & Conversation Storytelling Community Gathering


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This event is in honor of Grief in all its forms.

Starting 2022 in acknowledging and honoring grief over setting resolutions seems the most authentic way for me to start the year and continue forward for myself and in community.

As beings we are all affected (knowingly or unknowingly) with loss be it a person, "place" or thing.