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Death over Drafts Happy Hour (Highland Park, CA)

Hosted by Be Present Care

Death over Drafts Happy Hour (Highland Park, CA)
Welcome to Death over Drafts-Highland Park! This is a community gathering to spark curiosity & connection around death & dying. We will be featuring: Postal Service for the Dead

Cheers!!! On Sunday, June 11; 1-3 pm, join Death over Drafts Crafters: Janelle, Postal Service for the Dead, Amber, Mortician in the Kitchen, Lisa, The Death Deck & Stefanie, Be Present Care at Macleod Ale Brewing Company's Highland Taproom.

We are super buzzed to have Janelle Ketcher, founder of Postal Service for the Dead (PSD) joining us. She will share and provide an opportunity to be part of this ongoing, collective project where people send letters to anyone in their life who has died. To see a collection of received letters-check out:

Flow of our time together*:

1-1:45pm Connecting & Mingling

1:45-2:30 pm: Learning and Participating (if you would like) in Postal Service of the Dead Project

2:30-3 pm: More Connecting


  • ** We will be raffling off some items!
  • Event is free
  • All our welcome
  • You can still come if you don't love beer ;)

Death over Drafts (Happy Hour) started with a brewing vision to bring people together and create meaningful connections by combining two passions—craft beer and conversations on end-of-life.

The first in person event was held as part of Let's Reimagine Festival (2019) in San Francisco. Since then Death over Drafts has had success at different greater Los Angeles breweries and on Zoom when we pivoted during COVID.

Every Death over Drafts gathering has a different vibe based on who is co-crafting, aka hosting. While these gatherings provide an opportunity for those who serve in the end-of-life field to gather and reflect personally and professionally along with the thing is constant: all are welcome.

Are you interested in becoming a Death over Drafts Crafter aka Host in your community. Inquire Here in being part of network of like-minded individuals who welcome conversations on end-of-life.

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