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Embodiment Lab | Feeding Forward through Feedback

Embodiment Lab | Feeding Forward through Feedback
Transform your nervous system into your inner support system! Discover how whole system awareness helps you navigate challenging situations. Our labs give you practical tools you will use every day.

This month we use the topic of Feedback to discover more about how you react to discomfort and how you can shift your system to use that awareness to your advantage. How do you deal with feedback? When does it work for you, when doesn't it? How would you like to respond if you had all the grace in the world?

Join us each month for our online Embodiment Labs to discover the positive impact of embodied awareness. During these interactive sessions we explore the inseparable connection of body and mind drawing on relevant, timely topics to provide you with practical tools you will use throughout your day. Navigate your challenges with more ease by shifting from head-centric to whole-system awareness.

This a great way to introduce yourself to the unique makeup of your nervous system: how it reacts to the world and what it needs to shift into your inner support system. Having your body “top of mind” enables you to better manage stress, know and care for your health and well being, and communicate well with others.

We call these sessions “Labs” to emphasize our focus on exploration and experimentation. The Labs provide you with skills and tools, not concrete answers . . . Open yourself to curiosity and connection that lead to new ways of getting to know yourself!

What to expect:

  • Guided embodied practices
  • Exchanging discoveries
  • Applying the tools and insights to your daily life

About your co-hosts:

Netherlands based embodiment specialist Karin Karis helps people get in sync. Through 30+ years of working with people through personal development change she has discovered one overarching truth: in order to be in sync, the body needs to be on board.

Drawing on her 30+ years as an occupational therapist, Aikido practitioner and somatic coach, Karin works with the body/mind system to help teams and individuals find the place where thought, feeling and action are aligned with personal and organizational values. With that in place, challenges become more effortless and actions have greater impact.

Kimberly Woodland has been immersed in the study of Embodied Exploration for 30+ years beginning with her introduction to Aikido while living in Japan and continuing with Wendy Palmer’s Leadership Embodiment courses. Her practice was deepened by ongoing training and supported by her studies focused on Sensory Processing Disorder, neuroanatomy, physiology and trauma. In her work in high-acuity settings, teaching Aikido and developing course curricula for the Body Comes to Mind offerings, Kimberly has found: “When we connect our body and our head, we strip away our self-limitations. I find it thrilling to know that we can get out of our small selves and step into something greater, something that helps us be the person we know we can be!”



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