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Fatherless Father's Day

Hosted by Moon Shadow Rituals, In honor of My father, John C. Vidoloff, M.D.

Fatherless Father's Day
Gather online on June 19, 2022 to celebrate the first annual Fatherless Father’s Day and be in ceremony with those whose fathers have passed.

Join Katie Vidoloff, certified Life-Cycle celebrant of Oregon based Moon Shadow Rituals, Portland musicians Tracy McFarland and Dan Luce, and others to celebrate the first annual Fatherless Father’s Day.

The free, public online ceremony on June 19 at 10am Pacific is designed to honor those whose fathers have physically left this world. The event will include live music, poetry, prose, and personal sharings about fathers who have passed.

For many of us, the celebration of Father’s Day is difficult: a reminder that we no longer have our dad around, and often we feel a deep absence of his presence. Instead of being alone or avoiding the feelings of loss, come sit in community with others whose fathers have passed.

Fathers play a critical role in our lives: helping us emerge into the world, stepping away from the safety of home and mom, and teaching us responsibility, accountability, and how to be in the world.

At some point in our lives, our fathers will leave the earth. We may be 55, 40, 31, 12 or even 7 when this happens. Regardless of our age, the loss of a father is a significant, perspective shifting event.

The worldview you once possessed will inevitably change.

Through the twists and turns of processing the loss of a father, at some point, we realize that the support we received from our dad is actually still here. As poet David White writes, “the support and the foundation has been beneath our feet all along: a place to step onto, a place on which to stand, and place from which to step.”

Come reclaim your ground and honor your father’s memory.

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This event is in honor of My father, John C. Vidoloff, M.D.

Gather online on June 19, 2022 to celebrate Fatherless Father’s Day. The celebration will include live music by Tracy McFarland and Dan Luce, poetry, prose, and personal shares about fathers who have passed. The event is free and will be recorded.

I lost my dad unexpectedly in 2014 and spent the next year mourning him and honoring my grief. I still feel the loss of his presence in my life to this day.

Then in 2021 I lost a father figure - my spiritual teacher - in a tragic accident. His death led me to deeply explore the role of ritual and ceremony in modern life.

Father’s Day had been lost to me for many years.

This year I am reclaiming Father’s Day to honor my father and celebrate his life. I invite you to join me for Fatherless Father’s Day and honor your father in ceremony.

You can register online through