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Fostering End-Of-Life Intimacy: A Virtual Couples Workshop

Hosted by Guaranteed

Fostering End-Of-Life Intimacy: A Virtual Couples Workshop
Come alone, or come with your partner! Learn how to foster and re-initiate intimacy and connection for those experiencing a terminal illness or the natural effects of aging.

Intimacy is often lost and neglected in a relationship where one or both partners may be navigating a terminal illness. Join guest speaker Vanessa Carlisle, PhD. as she walks through different exercises, both emotional and physical, to foster intimacy and connection with your partner in the end-of-life. Caregivers may join alone to listen in, or come with their partner to go through these exercises together live with the instructor.

About Vanessa:

Vanessa Carlisle (they/she) writes books and facilitates workshops that catalyze real change in sexuality, safety building, and death care. Through both somatic and narrative practice, Vanessa crafts programs and trainings that combat stigma and improve conditions for her communities living and dying.

This is a virtual event hosted by Guaranteed, a care company changing the way we treat death and dying.


Movement & Dance Talk, Panel, & Conversation Workshop
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