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From Resolutions to Well Being – Community Education Series

Hosted by Kara

From Resolutions to Well Being – Community Education Series
A Workshop Exploring Various Ways of Honoring Our Grief in the New Year.

There’s nothing like a new year to highlight the passage of time. At times this high lighting can leave a stark effect, underscoring our inertia or back lighting expectations. Coupled with grief, the new year can bring about a whole new set of expectations that may or may not be in accordance with where we are personally at in our grief journey.

“From Resolutions to Well Being” is a workshop focused on addressing the New Year’s marker of time and how we can manage our grief. Whether transitioning into 2022 has you feeling ambivalent, digging in your heels, or anticipating a fresh start, this workshop is a space to acknowledge your grief, identify what the new year means to you, and craft an individual plan that promotes your wellbeing.

This workshop will focus on:

  • Creating a space that honors your grief
  • Reframing resolutions to more manageable moments that contribute to well being
  • Providing tools for self-compassion and self-care rather than self-improvement
Talk, Panel, & Conversation


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