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Give Black Friday a Loving Twist

Give Black Friday a Loving Twist
Let's turn Black Friday on its head by spending time making a creative gift of love, while cozy at home with friends or family. Love is the New Black (Friday).

Most people need more connection and meaning in our lives — and less stress and debt. Let's start the holiday season with a gratitude practice that is also a one-of-a-kind gift!

During difficult times likes these — it is important to return to the basics. Let's focus less on material gifts and more on shared experiences and love.

What if you choose to tell just ONE PERSON — your mother, your uncle, your child, your best friend, a colleague from work — WHY they have made a difference in your life?

“All my life I have attended funerals where people tell beautiful stories and express their love and appreciation for the person who passed away,” says Sherry Richert Belul. “Inevitably, there is a sense of regret that they didn’t say how they felt when the person was alive to hear it. We often wait until someone has passed away until we celebrate their lives. My mission is to help people express their love NOW!”

As part of Sherry's "Say It Now" work, she hosts workshops in which she leads people through a simple, but profound, process of creating what she calls a LOVE LIST.

A LOVE LIST is a brainstorm of all the reasons you love someone and what makes them unique. This gift is sweet, funny, or serious. It can include any number — from five to fifteen to fifty — of loving attributes characteristics or memories about someone and what they mean to you.

During this workshop, Sherry will lead you through prompts and questions to help you easily and joyfully create a LOVE LIST gift for someone in your life who greatly needs a boost of love and light.

One of the best things about this gift is that it doesn’t cost any money to create. Also, it makes a beautiful gift. And is perfect for long-distance gift giving!

It is a gift of love that lasts a lifetime.

And you know what else? When you create this gift, before you even send or give it, it uplifts YOU. We feel better when we are in the process of putting love into action!

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