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Good Grief Community Circle

Hosted by Kat - Good Grief Doula, In honor of Covid losses

Good Grief Community Circle
Circle is a co-created gathering where we practice bearing witness to ourselves and others. This healing experience allows us to feel heard & held as we honor our individual and collective grief.

This gentle ritual is held on Zoom and incorporates mindfulness, music, and peer support as a practice for approaching grief. Silent participation is permitted, as are all emotions that arise in the three rounds of check in, sharing, and releasing.

We heal in community with others; come commune with your peers and experience catharsis by opening to your grief and witnessing others' on February 11.

Guided by Good Grief Doula, who is committed to using creativity to confront the epidemic of grief in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Good Grief Doula is a Certified Grief Educator and End-of-Life specialist; visit for more information.

Ritual & Ceremony Workshop Community Gathering Celebration & Remembrance Meditation


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Covid losses

This event is in honor of Covid losses

As we approach three years of pandemic, Good Grief Doula is calling a Community Circle Gathering in honor of all we are grieving. Anyone who is approaching their grief in 2023 is welcome to attend this ritual.