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Grief and Artistic Expression: How it can uplift the soul

Grief and Artistic Expression: How it can uplift the soul
How can artistic expression be an outlet for grief? Join Charlene Lam, Founder of The Grief Gallery, & Valerie David, Writer/Performer of solo show "The Pink Hulk," for a creative workshop.

You're invited to join Charlene Lam, Founder of The Grief Gallery, and Valerie David, Writer/Performer of award-winning solo show The Pink Hulk, for their inaugural workshop: Grief and Artistic Expression: How it can uplift the soul.

These renowned speakers are partnering up for an empowering, healing workshop to help you through your grief of losing a loved one.

Both Charlene and Valerie have experienced grief and significant loss, and have discovered that their own artistic endeavors have been instrumental with their healing and grieving processes.

Charlene and Valerie will guide you through a series of activities to stimulate your creative self within, which will include improv, storytelling, writing, meditation, curating and art, and creating theater as ways to cope with grief.

*All are welcome. This workshop is free of charge.


Charlene Lam is a certified grief coach, speaker, and the founder of The Grief Gallery.

After her mother died suddenly in 2013, Charlene leaned into her creativity and curatorial instincts to guide herself through grief. Since then, she’s curated and presented multiple exhibitions featuring the belongings of loved ones lost at international festivals in New York City, Toronto and London.

Charlene believes we are ALL curators after a loved one dies, and developed her Curating Grief coaching framework to help people process grief in a creative, accessible way.

She speaks about the power of creativity and storytelling for healthy grieving and post-traumatic growth.

Originally from NYC, she's currently based in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Valerie David, a native New Yorker, is the playwright/performer of internationally acclaimed The Pink Hulk: One Woman’s Journey to Find the Superhero Within—her story is a beacon of hope for cancer patients and survivors worldwide, and those facing any adversity in life. Her father passed away in 2022, and performing her play has helped with Valerie’s loss.

She “hulked out” on cancer 3x; Stage III Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Stage II breast cancer in 2014/2015. In September 2018, Valerie was re-diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer.

As of April 2019, she has had no evidence of disease and has continued to thrive. The Pink Hulk is a true testament to never give up and always have hope!

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