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Grief School: Healing Pandemic Era Woundedness

Hosted by Ari Simon

Grief School: Healing Pandemic Era Woundedness
What did the pandemic era destroy for you? What did it wake you up to? Enroll in Grief School to unblock and untangle what stands in the way of healing collective pandemic-era wounds.

You have not healed from the wounds of the pandemic era. None of us have, not really. But we’re about to try.

Huge questions still linger as this era keeps unfolding….

How do we collectively heal from something that has and continues to separate, silo, and isolate us? That lacks a clear end date? That lacks shared agreement around any aspect of it? A time during which we, by necessity, turned away from each other, but then against one another? Leaving so many of us lonely in especially painful ways. An era during which our relationship to our bodies, our health, and our selves has drastically altered without resolution? What is the repair process with ourselves and each other where lies years of festering contradiction, disagreement, and disappointment?

Now is the time to turn towards answering these questions and more.


Do you sense this too?

Teachers Kwonyin (CATHARSIS) and Ari Simon (Grief at Work) will guide you through a six-week journey of grieving, releasing, reconfiguring, and integrating. You will receive teachings, gentle guidance, and group practices – unblocking and untangling what stands in the way of healing our pandemic-era wounds.


The course meets on Zoom on Mondays 5p-7p pt / 8p-10p et.


Week 1: Grief and Trust-Building

  • Building up an embodied listening practice in a judgment-free zone
  • What is the softer way?
  • Inside the wound is the medicine
  • Things we need in order to grieve

Week 2: Un-earthing your Worst Fears

  • Surfacing fears the pandemic era erupted
  • Presenting the Worry Awards
  • Parts Work with the Abandoned, the Gaslighter, the Worrier
  • Welcoming Vulture & embodiment practice

Week 3: Bifurcation and Polarization

  • Trust, defense mechanisms, & systems at play (media, politics, family values)
  • Demonization of the Other
  • How can we address the hurt underneath the hate?
  • Zen “emptiness” practice

Week 4: F*ck! I’m Alone!

  • Processing our own inner outcast
  • Why we often avoid grieving
  • Journey with the Underworld Self
  • working with Kuan Yin & Kali energies to transmute our inner outcast

Week 5: We are Never Alone.

  • Collective repair of the longing for belonging
  • What are you longing for in community?
  • Sewing belonging through ritualizing
  • Grief ARCH

Week 6: “Final exam” and Where Do We Go From Here?

  • Preparing us for how we proceed – even as the fears and threats remain and are sure to grow
  • Collective dreaming of the world we want to create
  • Completion ceremony
  • Grief School resource library


  • teachings & tools on grief and loss processing
  • meditations
  • sharing circles and pair & shares
  • powerful receiving
  • catharsis journeying
  • facilitated role play
  • journaling and dialogue prompts
  • optional Grief School buddy program


$199 for 12hr live course + recorded sessions + takeaways document and access to Grief School library

Scholarships also available upon request

Learn more and register directly here, or through Reimagine.


KwonYin (she/her) is a channel of Pearl Consciousness, the wisdom of the emotional irritant creating iridescence. She offers her transmissions through the written word, performance art, and music.

She is the creatrix of CATHARSIS, a guided deep dive to heal internalized oppression and self-repression through shadow integration, inner childcare, ancestral pattern interrupts, parts work, and deep yin embodiment practices.

Ari Simon (they/them) is a facilitator, coach, grief care worker, climate policy convener, and founder of Grief at Work – tools and teachings in grief & loss competency for teams and communities.

Through a loss-centering practice, Ari convenes people at intersections of ecological health & climate adaptation, mental & emotional wellbeing, queerness, and grief, death & loss. Ari weaves a background in policy and planning with training in applied buddhism, mindfulness, and end-of-life care.


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