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Grieve and Breathe Weekend Retreat

Grieve and Breathe Weekend Retreat
Honoring the grief that comes with life & death. Restoring together in all ways.

Grieve + Breathe invites you to embark on a profound odyssey of grief exploration. Our intention is to normalize grief, recognizing that grief is an expression of love.

The container is held for the full spectrum of grief. Whether you've experienced loss through death, relationships, miscarriage, or carry grief for the Earth and humanity, this healing circle is for you. Be held by community in a shared container of grief. Release stuck emotions, traumas, and pave the way to reclaiming a state of love and forgiveness, both for yourself and for others.

We sit in Council, compassionately listening and speaking from the depths of our hearts. By engaging in the transformative practice of Breathwork, you have the opportunity to unlock the emotions and traumas stored within your body. Experience the transcendent power of sound healing guiding your journey back to your true home, a sacred space where peace resides at the very core of your being.


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