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Grieve and Breathe Weekend Retreat 12/2-12/4 2022 Ojai, CA

Grieve and Breathe Weekend Retreat 12/2-12/4 2022 Ojai, CA
With the holiday season upon us it is a tender time for many around feelings of loss and loneliness. Immerse yourself in a deep dive of learning to truly live with grief. Grief is love.

The container is held for the full spectrum of grief. Have you endured the death of a loved one, had a divorce or end of a relationship, experienced a miscarriage, and need support? Are you grieving for the Earth and/or the suffering of humanity? Are you a caretaker and need time to refill your cup because of all you give? Do you feel you are ready to pay attention to the anger, sadness, and guilt that resides within?

Grieve and Breathe creates a brave healing circle to feel deeply. Releasing stuck emotions and traumas stored in the body. This is an intentional space that gives permission to open up what may have been suppressed and give time and energy to let the grief move through you. You are given the opportunity to cry, scream, express from the heart, be still and be present with your unique grieving process.

Connecting in community through Council, Breathwork, movement, sound, and time in nature.

Please bring sacred items to place on the altar. This can include photos of your Beloveds who have died and anything that you would like to adorn the altar with in reverence and remembrance. Ceremonially we shall honor our loved ones that have passed on; ancestors, family, friends, teachers, pets, relationships, and so on. Being embraced in comfort, forgiveness, and love!

Exchange: $575 (Reach out if price is a hindrance.)


Friday 5:00pm - 8:30 pm,

Saturday 9:30am - 7:30pm *Delicious Community Dinner

Sunday 9:30am - 4:30pm + 6:00pm-8:00pm *Optional Ecotopia Hot Springs Soak

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