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Grounding While Grieving -Six-Week Grief Support Group

Grounding While Grieving -Six-Week Grief Support Group
At this time of pandemic-disruption in our lives, with access and mobility restricted and our normal routines upended, some of us face bigger burdens and challenges. Welcome.


My name is Cathy Hope, and I am no stranger to grief and the painful challenges of life transitions. My own personal journey includes grieving the death of both of my parents during the pandemic. I believe positive transformation can emerge from the chaos and hurt. We just need someone to support and empower us, someone who gets it. No one should have to walk alone.

During our six week gathering we will:

Experience a space with other bereaved people to share thoughts or just listen. It can help to speak about a loved one, name struggles or emotions, and simply be seen and heard at a difficult time in our lives.

Learn tiny go-to practices to help you feel more grounded in your body while you are grieving. All practices will be super-practical and accessible (and no dogma!).

And, I will also share information and resources about grief and perspectives that expand personal and collective understanding on these awkward topics that people rarely talk about. Q+As provide time for individual inquiries.

The cost for the six week program is $225 (sliding scale available, contact Cathy). By signing up for the entire program, we will be able to create a safe space for deeper sharing as well as continuity.

Whatever you have lost, the only right way to grieve is your way. - Cathy Hope, ACC

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