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HAVEN, the new EOL professional service platform for doulas

HAVEN, the new EOL professional service platform for doulas
An engaging & informative workshop to learn about the value of Dignity Therapy, & a new tool you can utilize to support positive quality of life experiences for the terminally ill & the dying.

With CEO/Co-founder of Haven, Maggie Gannon

In this workshop you will learn:

- what Dignity Therapy is and how it supports quality of life for those facing end of life

- how evidence-based Dignity Therapy was used in the development of HAVEN to support Doulas to increase the space for compassionate death care

- how HAVEN's software solution can differentiate Death Doulas in their service offering for clients

- How HAVEN serves as a business platform for Death Doulas that supports legacy creation, business management, community communication, and marketing.

“No matter who you are, or where your walk in life has taken you– all roads lead to Haven.”— Daisy Gannon, Chief Officer of Spirituality and Mysticism



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