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Healing From Gun Violence and Murder

Hosted by Bravo Valenti

Healing From Gun Violence and Murder
Author Bravo Valenti shares his personal healing journey to help others, who, like he, experienced gun violence and murder, deal with the complex issues of shame, guilt, blame and the road to healing.

Artist, author and medium Bravo Valenti shares his healing journey after his ex-wife first tried to hire a hit man to kill him and then, for no apparent reason, murdered her pool cleaner with a gun he had once bought her. Join Bravo as he discusses his own personal healing journey and the lessons it may hold for others dealing with shame, guilt and blame for tragedies that are all too common in the USA and around the world. Bravo brings hope and real solutions to what he describes as a "pervasive global mental health crisis affecting families and individuals across all racial, class and national lines."

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