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Healing From Murder and Gun Violence- One Writer's Journey

Hosted by Bravo Valenti

Healing From Murder and Gun Violence- One Writer's Journey
After my ex-wife murdered a man with a handgun I had bought her, I embarked on a mid-life healing journey unlike any I could have ever imagined, with powerful lessons to share in our world gone mad.

After my ex-wife committed a pointless murder with a gun I had bought years earlier for "home protection," I began to question every aspect of my life. My mid-life healing journey would lead me to unexpectedly discover I was an artist and then, even more unexpectedly, a medium. Through my art, I was able to channel important messages from the Beyond that not only helped me heal, but delivered messages to me to help humanity heal from the "new normal"- school shootings, mental health crises, rising teen suicide rates and a global culture of self-annihilation that is going unchallenged. Learn more in my new book, "Thank You. I Love You." an Amazon #1 New Release.

Learn more about my art and me at

Open to all ages, especially teens and older, please log in on time, as no admittance after the first 5 minutes. I will share powerful healing tools and there will be a 15-30 minute Q and A.

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