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How Many Mondays Do You Have Left?

How Many Mondays Do You Have Left?
Do you know how many Mondays you have left? Shining the light on our scarcity of time helps us get clear about what matters. Let's use that "mortality math" as a motivator to live wider and deeper!

The secret is out that we’re all living on borrowed time, so the question is whether we’re stuck in autopilot or whether we’re living lives we’d be proud to look back on, without the faintest whiff of regret on our eventual deathbeds.

We get roughly Four Thousand Mondays in our lives. You might have more than 2,000 Mondays left until your life calls it quits or only 20 to go. How do you want your thousands or hundreds or dozens of weeks to be? The practice of memento mori—the Latin phrase for “remember we must die”—has the profound potential to wake us up, to reinvigorate our lives with urgency and meaning.

In this interactive session rooted in the science of positive psychology, we’ll talk about how we can be more mindful about living and working like we mean it … without a Monday to spare. Reflect on what it would take to feel “astonishingly alive,” and map out a game plan to live that regret-free version of your life. Leave motivated and ready to fully engage with life and work. Life's short—let's do this!



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